• Kendyl Beschen

Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

I brought my kids, my niece and my mom to Bhakti Fest in the middle of the Joshua Tree desert. Marley, Noelani, Jamie, and I performed for the first day of the four day festival. Yogis from all over the world come to see celebrate Spirit by singing the Lord's name and practicing Yoga as an offering. This Meat-Free, and Alcohol-Free event had the sweetest vibration! Even my mom and my 4 year old son got into the soulful Kirtan Music of Krishna Das. Some of the world's best speakers, yoga teachers, and musicians shared their light in the desert sand. I was able to take some of my favorite classes ever with Janet Stone, Yogi Rishi, and MC Yogi. We plan on returning next fall! #bhaktifest #joshuatree #musicnadyoga